Our Facilities

    Our Library is one of the best of its own kind and remains open from 8.00 a.m. till 8.00 p.m. throughout the year with only 6 holidays in 365 days. CATALYST offers well established Library to the students for them to refer books to develop their reading ability for effectual learning and consultation to get more time for practice sets. Parents don’t have to squander money to purchase expensive books. Library has latest books for Medical, IIT and Engineering students. It has Video Library and Lecture Series for the students to make use of on their duty days. Students can spend ample of time in CATALYST library and achieve their goals.
    It is an exclusive session conducted by the Academic Wing of CATALYST. During this session all the students can interact with subject experts to gain knowledge and get their doubts resolved. Each individual's doubts are cleared in this session & regular extra classes are arranged for the student requiring additional guidance as per their lacking.
    It includes continuous assessment of the level of preparedness of student (own/ comparative) and create a drive in them to study, practice and perform. The Periodic Assessment Tests are conducted once in a week. All the Periodic Assessment Tests are Live in nature and conducted under standard examination environment.
    Information to parents about absenteeism, performance and progress through individual letter & internet, another effort to exhibit, that we care. Also these regular Parents Teachers Meetings are organized to assure the best performance of each and every student.
    For sharing precise & particular information about all Medical Entrance & Engineering Examinations in the country and other academic information all-encompassing counselling is offered. A special wing is working for the same purpose, headed by the academic director. Moreover, these expert counselling and directing students who for any reason are not capable to perform well or are in a quandary as to how they need to go about with their preparations. These sessions have proven to be very productive in the past in uplifting the level of performance of the students who have come out with flying colors.